Released a new Cavernlord album just now: Reckless Traversing

from the BC page:
This album was a result of some serious black pills. Always remember — there is light at the end of the tunnel after all the systems currently in place fail. The time before recorded history was our golden age. We shall return... Written and performed by Nathaniel “Namtaräum” Leveck ©℗ 2019 All Rights Reserved. All instrumentation and vocals recorded live at Natanas Studios in Wyoming.

...unlike most of my albums, this time I published the lyrics.

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What Bandcamp had to say about Cavernlord:

Wyoming’s Nathaniel “Namtaräum” Leveck released the self-titled Cavernlord album in February. There aren’t many bands that connect the punk nastiness of black metal to the punk nastiness of sludge; there’s more than a glimmer of intelligence back there in that bat-infested darkness.

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