Use WSL on Windows 10? I do at work (have no choice of OS on my work laptop). If you install VcXsrv ( you can run xorg apps in individual windows that behave as native Windows programs.

Experiment: I think the antiX install on the CF currently in the Lifebook P1120 is going to get slim removed tonight so I can try out the instructions here: -- let's try X11 without a WM, just for chocolate-doom and DOSbox. Since the drive bay is easy to get to, I am going to try out openBSD and some other OS's on this computer as well.

...and just like that, the lack of an ATI Rage Mobility M driver for Windows ME kicked my ass. It doesn't help that the Fujitsu oddball Mobility M has as much memory as an M1, is not AGP or PCI (according to WinME). This may end up hosting Linux after all.

Made my Thinkpad x201 a bit more comfortable today. I replaced Void with Devuan. Void was great, but I kept finding myself typing "sudo apt..." so screw it.

Recorded a trance sludge single this morning...

Recorded live in seven parts: drums, electric guitar, electric bass, resonator mbira, harmonica, acoustic guitar, vocals.

giractΓΌ - Retch in Sideband

Reminder: the temperature is the temperature. β€œWindchill” is how the temperature β€œfeels.” Leave your feelings at home, please.

A public service message brought to you by the heat envelope leaving your body exposed to the surrounding reality.

Got the Fujitsu Lifebook P1120 and the 2.5” IDE to dual CF adaptor today. Still waiting on the battery and the power brick so I cannot mess with it yet.

Fujitsu Lifebook P1120 project taking shape: battery, power brick, IDE to dual CF, and USB DVD all on the way. I think I am going to attempt a Windows 98se install on it. A Win98 machine with native USB would be rad (joystick!). Plus 800MHz & 256MB of RAM would no longer be a detriment, but would be outstanding.

Picked up a transmeta crusoe having Fujitsu subnotebook for < $30... now to figure out how to setup a working boot device while it is shipped.

Heard at work yesterday:
β€œI’m going to start a Conway Twitty cover band and call it β€˜Twitty Twister’”

Wrote a working Mythic Game Master Emulator question answerer in BASIC on my Sharp PC-1261. Enter chaos factor (can change it) then select ASK and it’ll roll 1D100 and give you an answer. Limited it to very unlikely, unlikely, 50/50, likely, very likely.

model 100 fpga success! LCD interface is working, slowly and dimly. negative voltage from charge pump is around -3, but needs to be -5 for more contrast.

In Debian on WSL/Win10 (on my work PC), what is the best terminal font I can install? I would like to have as much of the UTF character set handled as possible. No more boxes on emojis and "fancy text"

I think I want to write a Mythic GME work-alike in BASIC on my Sharp PC-1261. That would be pretty handy.

Installed Ultimate Doom for Windows 95 on my Omnibook 800ct (running Win98se, 80MB RAM, CF drive) last night. Killing demons until past my bedtime!

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