I've been reading Astounding Stories magazine from 1930 downloaded from Project Gutenberg. More convinced than ever I was born too late.

The 1436 Files, a conspiracy theory based community fiction project has been getting some activity. Join the party! gopher://1436.ninja/1/1436_Fil

haha! tooting this from my he330 (not the one I bought today, the other one), from pvterm via telnet to a raspberry pi, using a compact lash 812.11b card. :^)

Won an auction today for a _complete_ Handera 330. Getting everything: cradle, manuals, the handheld, lithium batt + charger, and most importantly the AAA battery terminals and cover. Super stoked. I wrote the palm doc gutenberg integration specifically in anticipation of winning this auction. :^)

Modified the Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace (v2, hosted on 1436.ninja) so that it not only downloads text books via gopher:// but you can also have it convert the txt file to Palm Doc to read on your PDA. Check it out here: gopher://1436.ninja/1/Project_

Another version of the 1436 Files is live on RPoD. Check it out here: gopher://1436.ninja/1/1436_Fil

So, I am pretty sure the Handera 330 I ordered is coming tomorrow. It has the charger and lithium battery pack installed. That means the AAA battery terminals have been removed. Since they were not mentioned in the auction, I assume they are AWOL. I have preemptively purchased AAA battery terminals (small metal project terminals) and have plans to fabricate what I need once the device and the parts arrive. It is always something with retro PDAs, it is never problem free.

I released a single yesterday. natanas.bandcamp.com/album/tra a new remix of the 2015 song Transcend from my album Смертность and a new song, Storming the fortress. In keeping with the 2015 material I used an Alesis SR16 drum machine on StF instead of playing drums like I do on most albums.

@jirka That trgPro was just the book and disc, not the handheld!

Seeking sdmmc-module_2.4.20_arm.ipk which seems to be expunged from the net. This is the higher capacity drive driver for Sharp Zaurus sl-cxx00. If you have a copy please email it to sysop (at) 1436.ninja. I give thanks in advance!!

Oddly enough, after the factory reset on the Z and the relocalization (2005 Trisoft backup), I think I like it better than the way it was shipped to me. Let's see if it is more stable.

just goes to show that Palm OS is the one true PDA operating system.

@jirka I don't really remember the Rex, had to read up on it. Seems like a nifty form factor if you have a PCMCIA equipped laptop. RAM measured in kilobytes, and from not that long ago. Time moves fast.

There is also a rather large amount of parts for Soviet mainframes on ebay...

There's a guy in California selling like 20 Handera 330s, just bought one. Did I mention $20 plus free shipping? Seller URL: ebay.com/sch/vietnamesehorosco

RPoD just went from 87% full on / to 10% full on / (32gb to 256gb main drive). Yay for upgrades!

So, a grouping of machines in China were hammering my telnet on RPoD. Even on port 9001, blood was being smelled in the water. I have taken down my experiment and consigned this to failure. RPoD is completely down at the moment getting a drive upgrade but shall return soon.

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