Seeking the Handspring Treo 90 Update. I cannot locate it on I am wanting to enable SDIO on my Treo 90. Boosts appreciated -- hoping the right nerd spots this!

Part of a corporate communication email footer: "...and the recipient thereof agrees not to disclose said information to parties outside..." Wrong. I seriously doubt assumption is legally binding.

ha! Sometimes it pays to have a Windows XP lappy sitting around... honestly I forgot about my toughbook!

Looking at my logs... my gopher server gets traffic, my http server lives only for bots and people looking for exploits. This knowledge is satisfying. Long live port 70!

@visiblink -- gopher:// -- there may be some stuff there you are interested in. Thank you again! Next weekend I will be busy...

@jynx got it all setup and it works great... still cannot sync the Treo 90 β€” β€œmissing endpoint” is listed in dmesg, same as all my other PCs. Oh well. I own a legit copy of Teal Backup.

As it turns out, my Palm Tungsten C hotsyncs just fine to a Raspberry Pi. I think I’ll spin up my unused spare Pi to be my handy hotsync server!

Today I got an email from a college student... sent to "" -- I guess college students may not know about finger. Good thing my email domain has a catch all account.

I got my toobnix account email! So I immediately uploaded a video you’d likely not want to watch for fun: an HP OmniBook 800CT booting up Debian 4 and starting wifi... over 3 minutes long. My channel is here: I have named it β€œRPoD_toobnix” toss me a subscribe and I will return the favor.

Is there something like HyperCard on the classic Mac for the *NIX terminal? Asking for a friend...

🧐 Remember: you are being lied to. About absolutely everything. Do not get worked up by what you hear and read. It is all agenda. Get healthy, start a family if you have not yet, and turn off the bullshit you are compulsively consuming.

You may think you are left or are right politically. Do not let the label divide you from others. They likely hold quite a bit of common ground with you. The rest maybe they haven’t gotten to yet. Or maybe that part of your belief is actually a lie from others.

Writing a phlog entry in vim, via ssh from an iPad Pro, with a bluetooth keyboard. Took the photo with my Sony Clie Peg UX50.

The phlog phost I was writing is now at gopher:// and β€” β€œOn the 90 percent of gopher”

Community generated conspiracy theories: The 1436 Files -- a public writing project. Check it out here: gopher:// To participate: ssh password is 1436

Six people have died from vaping, but over 100 children die from circumcision every year. Which should we ban?

@RyuKurisu @hund @alatiera @crodges @alatiera

So go to
to check out __Super Dimensional Fortress'__ (SDF's) tribute to it!
Hint: Try out several old, ancient Unices right in the browser!
And also make a free __Public Access UNIX System__-account on or

#Unix50 #sdf

What Bandcamp had to say about Cavernlord:

Wyoming’s Nathaniel β€œNamtarΓ€um” Leveck released the self-titled Cavernlord album in February. There aren’t many bands that connect the punk nastiness of black metal to the punk nastiness of sludge; there’s more than a glimmer of intelligence back there in that bat-infested darkness.

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