Currently rendering tallow... have the slow cooker under paper towels to try and stop from coating my kitchen in grease.

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Forming ideas for an AD&D 1e game world utilizing Spelljammer and Planescape. It would be an interesting place for my fighter to live, I think.

As a kid, I always skipped Prince Valiant in the Sunday paper. Man, was I misguided. Prince Valiant is one bad ass some bitch. I am completely hooked. I have volumes 1 & 2 coming to sit beside Conan on my book shelf.

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I wanted a leather bound "Tome of Mapping." (a hardback book of blank graph paper) I could find nothing like this, so I made one. I used 11"x17" graph paper, embroidery thread to sew the signatures, some press board for the covers, some faux leather to cover the outside, elmers glue to secure things, and some cotton fabric to cover the spine. I think it turned out well.

Fathoming #covid19 : Modernity was all about mobilization and speed. Every now and then there may have been marginal counter movements with the aim to slow things down a little bit. But putting everything to a standstill? Inertia? Ruhende KΓΆrper?

With fascination I stare at these "Stay at home!" signs. It's exactly the opposite of what my mother had to tell me every single day when I was a child. "Go outside!" - that meant: go playing with the other kids. Be active. Move. Use your body. (But I liked to stay at home, reading, listening to the radio, dream the day away.)

And now, quite late in my life, I became the avantgarde of a static way of living. ( I don't know why everbody talks about 'social distancing' and not about 'human statics' or 'immobility'?) But as so often in a situation of binary oppositions, it doesn't change much, when you just shift dominance to the other side. After all, I can now feel how others usually look at me: How can anybody be that out of tune with the commandment of the hour?

Late night epiphany: most of the books ever written are available on the internet for free with some searching. The prime motivation for the extreme price gouging with printer ink is not greed, it is to prevent us from printing books. Doing so has been made prohibitively expensive. To read the books we have access to, we need a device and a way to charge a battery, instead of just needing light to see the page.

I released an EP last month for my main project, Natanas. It included this ode to coronavirus...

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