i think i witnessed too many accidents recently

> #SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network



"Ceremony - Disappear", a 2007 self-released album.

I didn't get into this album when i first heard of it/heard it but oh... 2021 isn't too late. It's a good-mood album for me some days, with moderation.

What does it sound like? Something shoegaze-y, definitely noiserock... with what seems like a good part of New Wave thrown into it. Unusual mix?



Their bandcamp but this album isn't on it:

The plum trees are blossoming in Tokyo, and nature treated us to sunshine and 16 degrees, perfect for some flower watching in the park.

We also came across a cafe with integrated recording studio. Now that's a business idea that I like.

#tokyo #nature

attempted some indian/chinese ink & brushes

(lol, next time will go better)

Nous y somme, a la rue. Jeté dehors la veille du couvre feu.
Et les proprios de payer un ouvrier pour détruire et rendre inhabitable les lieux.

Woops, i didn't see the replies here, sorry for that.
I don't think i had anything very specific in mind and thus the question! Because that's interesting to ask.
And there are interesting replies!

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Could there be a way to design a Mastodon client that does without a Feed/Flow/Timeline? How would that look/work?

an interesting talk on
"Gardening as a Mode of Play"
by Max Kreminski


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