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The is streaming live on inbetween regular DJs via 929-299-1269 conference bridge .. listen in

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jasmaz has setup the SDF booth at in elmhurst illinois just outside of . you can dial a vintage 929-299-1279 or ssh to login to our original @twylo

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My plan was to use my mini staycation to clean and organize. Hasn't been going well because I keep coming across forgotten things I want to play with. One of those things is a Z80 "softcard". Popped a CP/M image and kermit on my SDfloppy II and it fired right up. I was soon reminded of the reason I never got much use out of it. It can't seem to deal with anything faster then 300baud on the serial port with out dropping bits. 🤔

I missed the news about Floodgap releasing a Firefox beta plugin that restores direct Gopher support. No more having to use the proxy service! 👍

If you collect old phones or computers with modems then I consider having one of these old Panasonic "key" PBX system's a must. 308, 616, 824 all work out of the box with no programing and even support rotary dial. They can be found cheap/free abandoned in many telco closets now that everyone is VOIP

Got the 2nd TNC working. Turns out the problem was the battery in both units. This one was so bad I think it was shorted and keeping the thing from booting. Now to figure out AX.25 on linux. Oh and the NiCad in my M100 seems to be dead now too. Guess it is battery week.

One TNC back from the dead. Just needs a battery. Now to find a cable with a DB9 so i can hook it up to something with 80 columns. My 2nd TNC echos characters but is showing no signs of brain activity. Hopefully I can figure that one out. 🤔

I never knew linux's AX25 package had something like inetd. I may need to dust off my TNC's to play with this.
Around 8min mark Tom explains how you could basically connect most unix programs to packet radio. Connecting an irc client to packet might be fun.

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