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@snowdusk_ it's a Tandy color computer 2. Hooked to the 56" 4K tv in my living room πŸ˜‚

@thombles I am not involved at the moment. I have connected to it before. I had a bunch of tree work done this year and lost all my wire antennas.
Hopefully this spring I will be back in to the HF action.
Regarding noise you should look in to making a simple magnetic loop antenna. I have a loop made out of a chunk of coax, some scrap wire, and a variable capacitor. The small loop in my office works better for RX then any outdoor random wire I have ever had.

@olivia @crispr The captchas remind you how much of the internet is controlled by goog and CF. Scary.

@ParadeGrotesque I duno. It seems like it was a secure setup. Cellphone APPS are hip and cool! πŸ™„

Sadly gopher segfaults if you set your terminal to 'dumb'. Happens on SDF and my local machine. But i managed to figure out you can set up your own local terminfo database with tic. Just name it ~/.terminfo.cdb in your home directory. Now I have fancy screen controls for my vic20 and CoCo on my sdf account. Gopher and lynx now run but a total mess. I guess they never tested for 22x23 or 32x16 screens πŸ€”

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@ParadeGrotesque Slackware 3.0 was the 1st linux distro I ever tried. I was in highschool and only had dialup at home so I used the T1 in the school lab to download it. But I didn't have enough disks to get the whole thing in one shot. It took me all week getting a little bit of the distro each day during study hall πŸ˜†

I figured it out. The Tandy COMPAC terminal program doesn't reset the VGU when it loads. So the basic POKES for lower case and alternate color mode stick πŸ™‚
POKE &H0167,&H39
POKE &HFF22,&H78

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Surfing the information superhighway at 300 baud. I wish i could find a terminal program that supports the true lowercase my "2b" machine can do.

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I got my CoCo SDC from Zippster today and it works great. My first computer (COCO2) is going to get a lot more use now because of this thing. Just copy .DSK files to the sd card and you can mount them with out fuss. Even multi-disk OS9 SIERIA games work with out issue. The firmware lets you manipulate the images right from the CoCo so it doesn't need to be hooked to a PC or anything.

The coco's radioactive green looks glorious on a 55" LG 4K TV πŸ˜†

Well I now have 1345 wikipedias and lots of news. πŸ˜€

After fixing a power issue the dreamcatcher seems very stable. Cheap USB phone chargers wont cut it. After fixing that its run few months now with no more reboots or hangs.

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@cfenollosa I tried to get usenet to work on SDF but couldn't figure it out. I should give it another go.

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