@goosey my first car in high school was a 71 gmc stepside. 3 on the tree 6cyl. I really regret getting rid of that truck.

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saturday analog ensemble 🤣🎺🌊🎶 わたしゃ音楽家 山のレッサーパンダ。上手にシンセサイザーを弾いてみましょう!スッスッスッスースー!スッスッスッスースー!いかがです。

Well I got a EPROM burner and rigged it work on the 2364 rom I pulled. I see 8 bytes that don't match the ROM images I find on the internet. I put my read image in an emulator and it never boots. The live memory map shows it stuck in a bootloop at about the same rhythm I am seeing on the scope. I think I am on the right path 🤞

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Well RAM is ruled out. I think I am dealing with a bad ROM. D3 off the ROM seems to have lots of 0's. Also I am told there are HALT instructions in the rom code but the /HALT pin never drops on the Z80. What ever code it is executing sure doesn't seem right. Sockets installed. Ordered a 2364 to 27c64 EPROM adapter from RETRO Innovations. Now to wait for the mailman 😴

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@publius Ya thats the plan. The ZX81/TS1000 boards are not the most study things so I want to minimize the amount of times the iron touches it.

Who knew such a little computer could be such a big pain 🙄

@scearley Ya. I actually have a real fax machine at my house. I work from home so the fax machine saves me from having to go to the office to drop off paperwork.

Also if someone faxes to my SDF sip extension my pbx detects the tones and routes it to the fax machine. 🤣

@guizzy Neat. To bad mastodon doesn't seem to have a ssh interface like Pleroma. My color computer 1 may still work (1980) but Lynx would be unusable with it's terminal.

@jynx ok thats good to know. I'll have to educate myself about the scripting side of ed.

@jynx I dont think there is much reason to use ed unless you are using a teletype or on a real limited connection like 300baud or packet radio.

@W10x12_UNO Ask him if Berkeley owns Free/Net/OpenBSD. 🤔

@publius @capngloval yesterday I was in alpine but then it crashed out. I tried to log in but sshd couldn't spawn a shell. Today I can log in but no alpine. I hope it is nothing serious 🙏

@apiziali It has done that for me when I have my TERM set to something wacky. Try doing a
export TERM="vt100" and see if it loads?

@requiem CP/M is a very cool OS. It's neat that I can run the same program on my TRS80 m4 and my Apple //e with softcard. Also being able to easily redirect the console to the rs232 port for remote access is fun.

@snowdusk_ Just use the computer speakers. The echo/feedback will add to the show

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