@js @ParadeGrotesque I’ve changed the port and they still eventually find it. I just ignore it. Even if they knew my root password they couldn’t log in.
What OS made in the last decade actually allows remote root logins?

@ParadeGrotesque my VPS server traffic is like 97% failed ssh logins and 3% gopher 😂

These are tash but I think the indiglo electroluminescent panel looks cool.

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This latest CB fad has to be the dumbest thing I have seen yet.
...I want it lol
Now where did I put my old Cobra29 🤔


@claudiom Sad.
Some people will get FTTH. Many will just get nothing.

People where not sticking with DSL because they thought it was better or cheaper. They stuck with it because it was their only option.
AT&T has been pushing the prices up on it for years to shake people off. The remaining 700K are those who had no other real option. I really hope StarLink works.

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Anyone need or want a 14.4 external fax modem still in the box? It is only about five or so years old. Was supposed to be for photocopier to dial in to report print count but as we had an Ethernet jack there, we did not use the modem.

@capngloval the color computer was sold in parallel with the trs-80. It was the low cost home system where the TRS-80 became the higher end system.

@SDF does SDF still have the PSTN dial in numbers? If I wasn’t in the middle of a move I would see for myself. All my toys are packed away 😞

@mrbill0 didn’t Tandy do something weird with their drive cabling? I remember having an issue with the drives in my M4. They didn’t use the same method of setting drive 0 and 1.

Was a good mail box day today 😀

Well mostly good..the power bill was in there too 😞

@claudiom hopefully they come out with ARM mac minis soon. My 2014 mini is getting tired.

@pinkprius @nautilee ya I wrote that a little confusing. Off brand is what I have been using because that is my only option. The original OEM one is long gone.

@nautilee That has happened 2x with my LTE hotspot. Split the case open.

Its an older unit so the only option is off brand ebay batteries now 😕

@claudiom I should do something with my Eee PC 🤔
I wish the netbook form factor never went away.

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