@SDF Wow this is awesome! When do you expect have them online?

@NYbill the one In Marlborough? I might have walked past that scope on Saturday morning lol. Good amount of scopes and tube gear there.

@thomasfuchs@mastodon.soci I think thats almost the the same model I had. It was 4somethingCD. I got it at CompUSA πŸ˜€

There was a big lawsuit over the floppy drives and I got a cheq and an external disk drive out of it.

Maybe the defect is why there are NIB ones still out there?


@holorose @SDF Nice.
I like Grandstream ata's. I have a few and never had a problem with them.

@holorose @SDF What model ATA did you get? Not all support pulse (rotary) dialing.

@peron The NAT table on the AT&T custom firmware'd netgear 2200 dsl gateway was so small it wasn't hard to make it puke with bittorrent or apps that opened a bunch of parallel connections. Loading the thumbnails in my CCTV dvr would take it out instantly.

The later 2200's Frontier gave out turned out to be really solid.

@Famicoman Do you have any sort of pbx? My Panasonic 824 makes playing with modems fun. Other models that work good for this type of stuff are the 308 and 616. The 308 real popular with telephone collectors.

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If you have a TTY/TTD device and want to give it a try, I have one set on auto-answer mode at 484.996.1337. Feel free to leave a message!

Here is a photo of me connecting to it via a baudot-compatible modem.

My stack of blank M-Disc DVD's is getting thin πŸ˜• and they don't make them anymore. The Cloud conquers all it seems.

@claudiom no worries. I was interested enough to give them my money. Notice the non-click bait headline in the print addition.

This nonsense is just another reason Amazon has become the vendor of last resort for me. If I had to actually pay for prime I would have canceled by now.

@claudiom Its paywalled, do they ever get to HOW they are getting the email addresses? Amazon lying again?

I ordered a pure sinewave inverter. It turned out to be not. I posted a 1 star and documented my findings with O-scope shots and everything. Sent it back to Amazon and got a refund. Thanks for wasting my time.
They started blowing up my email, offering a free one etc. I ignored and they just relisted it under another PN to get away from the 1 star.

@drwho Yes you really cant be in a rush when building things πŸ˜† It has been building Asterisk16 and all its dependencies since I posted yesterday from pkgsrc. Maybe it will be done this week? The good thing is it seems stable and hasn't crashed yet. Once I get everything good i'll image the SD card.

@adamd Electricity must be cheap there πŸ˜† Everytime I think about saving old servers from the dumpster at work I just think about our ridiculous power rates here. I just binned some Sunfire's.. Duel 800watt PWS's in those suckers 😬

@drwho I am not sure I know what you are asking? yes to both?
You can pkg_add stuff. Here is the list of built packages for the pi 0/1: ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/pack

If what you need isnt there then pkgsrc makes building easy... just not quick on the Zero πŸ˜†

X works out of the box. Sound plays fine via HDMI. No tinkering needed.

The official image from the wiki seems to be a full netbsd install+X. Just under 1gig on my card. You "dd" it to a card and go, no install :) It expands on 1st boot.

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