Chrome don't make it go.
But it helps with reception πŸ€”

These are tash but I think the indiglo electroluminescent panel looks cool.

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Was a good mail box day today πŸ˜€

Well mostly good..the power bill was in there too 😞

Finally found a good spot to stick this Reddy Kilowatt sticker a friend made 😏⚑️

Well I got a EPROM burner and rigged it work on the 2364 rom I pulled. I see 8 bytes that don't match the ROM images I find on the internet. I put my read image in an emulator and it never boots. The live memory map shows it stuck in a bootloop at about the same rhythm I am seeing on the scope. I think I am on the right path 🀞

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Well RAM is ruled out. I think I am dealing with a bad ROM. D3 off the ROM seems to have lots of 0's. Also I am told there are HALT instructions in the rom code but the /HALT pin never drops on the Z80. What ever code it is executing sure doesn't seem right. Sockets installed. Ordered a 2364 to 27c64 EPROM adapter from RETRO Innovations. Now to wait for the mailman 😴

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Who knew such a little computer could be such a big pain πŸ™„

Sadly gopher segfaults if you set your terminal to 'dumb'. Happens on SDF and my local machine. But i managed to figure out you can set up your own local terminfo database with tic. Just name it ~/.terminfo.cdb in your home directory. Now I have fancy screen controls for my vic20 and CoCo on my sdf account. Gopher and lynx now run but a total mess. I guess they never tested for 22x23 or 32x16 screens πŸ€”

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I figured it out. The Tandy COMPAC terminal program doesn't reset the VGU when it loads. So the basic POKES for lower case and alternate color mode stick πŸ™‚
POKE &H0167,&H39
POKE &HFF22,&H78

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Surfing the information superhighway at 300 baud. I wish i could find a terminal program that supports the true lowercase my "2b" machine can do.

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I got my CoCo SDC from Zippster today and it works great. My first computer (COCO2) is going to get a lot more use now because of this thing. Just copy .DSK files to the sd card and you can mount them with out fuss. Even multi-disk OS9 SIERIA games work with out issue. The firmware lets you manipulate the images right from the CoCo so it doesn't need to be hooked to a PC or anything.

The coco's radioactive green looks glorious on a 55" LG 4K TV πŸ˜†

Well I now have 1345 wikipedias and lots of news. πŸ˜€

After fixing a power issue the dreamcatcher seems very stable. Cheap USB phone chargers wont cut it. After fixing that its run few months now with no more reboots or hangs.

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Saved an old Bearcat 210 from 1979 from the trashbin. New filter cap and replaced the little mercury battery with an AA holder for memory. Luckily most stuff here is still VHF hi and low band so it's still useful. Been running for a few days. Now to disassemble and clean.

My Othernet Dreamcatcher showed up. Its a SDR that picks up the project's satellite data and audio feed and builds up a local library.

Works good. So far I have 1 wikipedia πŸ˜†

Looks like crappy weather this weekend. Good time to stay in and see if I can get my ACE working right. A few random keys don't work and the drives need a good going through.

Playing more with modems over SIP. I have 300/1200 working very well in to the SDF dialup line. So I decided to just set the modem to max speed and let the chips fall where they may.

It did not go well. πŸ˜†

My latency (Im on LTE) to my SIP service is
--- ping statistics ---
25 packets transmitted, 25 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 69.469/142.080/296.463/65.996 ms

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