Sooo close to being being able to cyberchat using the MC10.
I can’t send a carriage return or it’s sending something other then what netbsd’s login is expecting 😖

Guess I need to make a DIN null modem cable to figure out what it’s sending.

The modem is almost the size of the computer 😆

i wouldn't be surprised if it was sending a CR when login expects lf or lfcr...

looking at real color compac docs, try turning option L on to send crlf instead of only cr

@goosey I tried that and it seems to be doing it only locally.

Pressing ENTER makes the courser just CR. With option L on it does a CR and feeds a line. But I can't get to the "Password" prompt.

I found the manual on a TRIPOD website :)

well, i am defeated. 😢
were there any 3rd-party terminal programs for mc10?

I'm not giving up. I think the 1st step is to see what the MC is actually sending. I'll work on that tomorrow.

i don't know if there is another program yet. I am brand new to the MC-10.

@goosey OK. So I did a modem to modem call (Tandy Modem I to USR modem on a PC) and this is what I am getting. Junk from the MC10. I do nothing but unplug the DIN from the MC10 and plug it in to a coco and resetup the call. It looks fine.

Sending from the PC to the MC10 looks fine.

@junkman @goosey I'd try saving that data to disk, stripping the high bit, and looking to see what you get.

@elb @goosey

So before I went any further I figured I would at least check to make sure the port was sending out something that looked RS232ish.

And I discovered it’s sending 7n2 no matter what the menu in COMPAC says. The menu only controls what the thing receives 🥸

So if I have it set to 8N1 I see the login fine but what I’m sending is in 7n2. Pictured is “ENTER”

I set my modem to modem test up for 7n2 on both sides and it’s decoding fine now.

@junkman @goosey 7n2 and 8n1 are electrically indistinguishable ... until you try to send something with the high bit set. ;-) It makes it trouble to figure out, sometimes.

@junkman @elb @goosey that font! Its beautiful and awesome and cool and good.

@kevin @elb @goosey Yes like @goosey said it's the MC6847. It was an off the shelf video chip Motorola sold that has a very unique look to it. A few different computer's used them. The standard text mode was only 32 columns and it didn't do lowercase. Normal practice on the CoCo was to use inverse letters to signify lower case. This MC-10 program is doing it backwards.

@junkman does it have lowercase? that could be an issue with unix systems...

@robert588 @junkman Research Unix systems engage character case conversion if you log in with an all-uppercase username.

Just sayin'. ;-)

@elb @robert588 Robert no it was an issue with the program sending 7n2 despite the menu being set for 8n1. I don't know how mastodon looks for you but if you scroll back a few posts in this thread I posted a photo of it cyberchatting on com.

It can send lowercase it just can't display it. Like the coco is can only indicate lower and uppercase using inverse letters.

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