The Z80-MBC2 kit I ordered is being assembled. Still a few days until it's shipped, then I should receive it in a week or so.

Can't wait to play with this Z80 homebrew computer.

I finally received the Z80-MBC2 Z80 homebrew computer and connected it via USB serial to my Chromebox (at right in the photo).

So far the Z80 device is not recognized neither under Chrome OS, nor Android, nor Linux. I'm investigating.

#sbc #z80 #retrocomputing

It works!

I made chromeOS detect the Z80-MBC2 Z80 computer connected via USB by... re-plugging the board. In the screenshot, see the Z80-MBC2 booting up CP/M 3.0 in a Minicom session under Crostini Linux. More details here:

Time to play with this awesome little gadget. The "Z80 inside" logo alone is worth the product.

#sbc #z80 #retrocomputing

@goosey The board also provides CP/M 2.2, Q/PM, UCSD P-System, Collapse OS, BASIC, and a few more system options.

very nice indeed!
I've actually been running qpm instead of vanilla cpm2.2 for several years now and have had exactly 1 compatibility issue. (source for a dbaseii add-on checked CPMVER for exactly 22 and qpm reports 27. nuked the check as it was silly anyway)


@goosey @amoroso
I also never heard of Q/PM. I wonder if it will run on my Apple2's SOFTCARD? 🤔

I found this website about it

i don't know, but qpm is a bdos and ccp. if the softcard's magic is fully contained in its BIOS (runs regular DR CP/M on top) then it might / should work.


@junkman @goosey MICROCode Consulting, the developers of QP/M, have a contact form You may give it a shot and ask them.

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