Slowly making my way in to COM on the coco2. 😴
At least I got true lowercase working.

So COM is more readable on the coco if I use the printer. 😀

Just need to get some tractor feed paper now

Finally felt motivated to fix the abnormal battery current drain on this guy.

This little transistor went bad holding the cassette relay closed all the time, even when the computer is "off".

T6, NPN marked "LE". I replaced with one salvaged from a broken PBX marked "C1A"

@junkman arrgh. another interesting retrocomputing person to follow. Hi there. (one day I may even try to resurrect my coco from the great box 'o junk in my parents' barn)

@ajft Hello there. .
Always a good day to save a CoCo!

An amazing website to check out for them is

@junkman excellent. Now if only my coco wasn't 500km away, in a box in a barn, covered in dust & dirt and half disassembled

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