I tried Netbsd on the pi back in the 7.x days and it wasn’t really working. But they have come a long way now and 9.2 works great so far. Way better fit on the $5 Pi Zero then the heavy official Linux distro.

@junkman I've got NetBSD 9.2 running on my old Pi 1 model B. Runs great!

@DavidB @claudiom
Yes debian is heavier by a lot I would say. NetBSD is a very portable and very classic style *NIX. It runs well on older systems and they even support stuff like the VAX that came out in the 1970s.

Debian is great if you want all the latest and greatest though. But NetBSD+pkgsrc is a very versatile setup.

@junkman @claudiom I always though netbsd was just another variant of freebsd. But system requirements are extremely small for netbsd. Wow.

@DavidB Nope. Each of the major open source BSDs (Free/Net/Open) are derived from 4.4BSD-Lite, but they are not binary compatible like Linux distributions are. They are their own BSD-derived operating systems. They share similarities because of where they descended from, but that's it.

Now, there are a few distros based on their source, like FuguIta (based on OpenBSD), and OS108 (based on NetBSD). GhostBSD, MidnightBSD, helloSystem, and some others are based on FreeBSD. @junkman

@junkman Good to know. Pre-built ports or compile on-board?

@drwho I am not sure I know what you are asking? yes to both?
You can pkg_add stuff. Here is the list of built packages for the pi 0/1:

If what you need isnt there then pkgsrc makes building easy... just not quick on the Zero 😆

X works out of the box. Sound plays fine via HDMI. No tinkering needed.

The official image from the wiki seems to be a full netbsd install+X. Just under 1gig on my card. You "dd" it to a card and go, no install :) It expands on 1st boot.

@junkman Perhaps a better way to have asked that question would be, "Is there a sizable number of packages I can pkg_add, or do I have to compile from ports?"

Good to know that there's a decent collection, I'll have to give it a try. The time needed to compile on a Zero (last time I tried was in the early 8.x series) is what put me off.

Nice. Server usage is what I'd be using it for, though.


@drwho Yes you really cant be in a rush when building things 😆 It has been building Asterisk16 and all its dependencies since I posted yesterday from pkgsrc. Maybe it will be done this week? The good thing is it seems stable and hasn't crashed yet. Once I get everything good i'll image the SD card.

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