@0 @ij @galaxis @SDF I'm interested in your satellite experiences. Since Globalstar canceled the Sat-Fi2, I haven't seen any other portable data option that was even remotely affordable. I do have a Garmin InReach Mini, which is fine, but it is basically SMS-only.

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"Othernet" is still around but its just 1 way data. I have a DC5 setup. They stream 1 channel of audio and packets that build up a local internet on your node. wikipedia, news, aprs stuff.


@junkman @0 @ij @galaxis @SDF Wow, that's pretty cool. I hadn't heard of that before. From the map on the homepage, it looks like it's not available in the Americas?


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It was on SES-2 (87W) last I knew? My dish is down at the moment so I cant verify. I am in new england. Now that cellular service is coming more universal around the world and starlink coming online the Othernet project has lost a bit of steam. Its kinda a solution looking for a problem now. Their forum system is horrible to search but there are users there who have their othernet DC's on the internet for people to login and look around


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