My plan was to use my mini staycation to clean and organize. Hasn't been going well because I keep coming across forgotten things I want to play with. One of those things is a Z80 "softcard". Popped a CP/M image and kermit on my SDfloppy II and it fired right up. I was soon reminded of the reason I never got much use out of it. It can't seem to deal with anything faster then 300baud on the serial port with out dropping bits. 🤔

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@junkman I had the same issue with my Apple IIe until I figured out I had a dip switch incorrect. Something to do with hardware interrupts.

@adamd I was playing with those setting and I have the SSerial card set to pass interrupts. If I set the softcard to respect them the system crashes. Under ProDOS or dos3.3 it works fine at higher bauds. One thing I noticed is my copy of CPM is by "Datasoft" not Microsoft. I am going to try and hunt down the official MS version of CP/M. Maybe there is something in that BOIS that helps with the timing 🤔

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