Got the 2nd TNC working. Turns out the problem was the battery in both units. This one was so bad I think it was shorted and keeping the thing from booting. Now to figure out AX.25 on linux. Oh and the NiCad in my M100 seems to be dead now too. Guess it is battery week.

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@junkman if you haven't replaced the memory nicd on your model 100, I'd suggest you do it soon. I've seen bad damage from leaking memory batteries in those things.

@48kRAM That would suck. I just opened it up and cut it out. Luckily no leak yet. Thanks

@junkman excellent! These are great machines to play with. Check out ,,

@48kRAM OK thanks. This my machine is my go-to RS232 tool because it always Just Works for that. I need to do more with it.

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