I never knew linux's AX25 package had something like inetd. I may need to dust off my TNC's to play with this.
Around 8min mark Tom explains how you could basically connect most unix programs to packet radio. Connecting an irc client to packet might be fun.

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@junkman Our packet setup for our local club. It has 4 ports. 145.01, 433.1, 223.6, 14.105.
All running from a linux server. It was UROnode and F6FBB BBS using linux built in AX.25. Changed recently to BPQ32. NETROM bugs in the kernel was causing lots of issues for us. AX.25 worked fine though

@adamd Nice setup! I dug my old MFJ and AEA TNC's out of storage. Both seem to do KISS mode. I'm going to make up some cables tomorrow and see what i can figure out.

@junkman Thank you for sharing the video. I thought I knew Linux AX.25 but learned a bunch from the video. Its even cooler then I already thought. :)

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