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Abandonware France are doing a great series of articles in English about games developed in France. It is super nice to have an insider's perspective. The latest article is about Coktel Vision. Check it out:

I made a quick video about ssh-agent, ssh key management, and my personal solution that uses LastPass to manage my SSH key passwords.

Also, shoutout to @mwlucas at the end for having ACTUAL knowledge on the subject and the definitive book.

It’s pretty weird that the only way to follow peertube accounts is through mastodon, weird and cool at the same time

Anyone knows some good card game for two? We're playing a lot of Rummy but it would be nice to try something else

Changed my Void Linux mirror for one closer to me, wow so fast, this changes everything!

In Odysseus my interest lies in exploring new approaches to (re)discovering useful/interesting/entertaining/etc webpages without pushing you to rely on any single service. Instead you should rely on multiple!

So far I've implemented:
* Easily skimmable browser history
* Topsites
* Personalized recommendations (harvesting unvisited links you've encountered)
* Personal recommendations (to get you started)
* & Webfeed autodiscovery

Now to improve bookmarking & search I'll upgrade the addressbar!

Pondering which C style I like more, this is hard

It's done! #hikari 1.0.0 is out. 🎉 Let the journey begin. There are features that want to get implemented and bugs that need squashing 🐞 Time to move #Wayland adoption on #FreeBSD and #Linux forward. 😺

we are interested in your opinions/preferences on standalone keyboards as input for the design of the MNT Reform Standalone Keyboard. if you have 5 minutes to spare and don't mind Google Forms:

if you'd rather not fill out a Google Form, you can also give some answers here and we'll try to incorporate them.

Any good resources to recommend for "modern" C programming?

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