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Alright, all this fuss about toilet paper makes it a good time to chat about what to do after you go 🚽

Cleaning just with water is the default way throughout the Muslim world and India... I think there may be more people using water than TP 🌊

Most basic level: get a bottle of water, lean forwards, pour at the base of your tailbone, direct water with other hand 💧

Can then use a fraction of the TP you'd normally use for drying.

Happy shitting 💩

All you Zoom people can add a custom background behind your webcam if youu have a solid color background. Let me help you out...

Dreamt I was in a dire need of a floppy drive for a SGI machine. That was really strange now that I think of it, the feeling of touching floppies was so pleasing... I need floppies I guess

Been drinking with friends on video chat, weird but that was a great moment nevertheless 🥴

NsCDE is so pretty! I just need a nice battery monitor if you know some that would look nice

Trying out NsCDE it's really nice, I love that CDE look and feel

Hey I’m 40 since a few minutes, for once I wanted to maybe do something for my bday but we’re lockdown. Funny 😄

@dgold just read your phlog post, I hope you are feeling better. Take care 💪

Little Gopher Client looks neat and it’s written in FreePascal and Lazarus which is very cool

At the risk of repeating what has been said elsewhere many times:

In the near future, remember that the powers that be could not find money to save public health care.

When stocks went down, all of a sudden plenty of money magically materialized to save the largest corporations.

Once the crisis is behind us, act and vote accordingly.

I’m intrigued by this MiSTer FPGA stuff, I’d love one to tinker with old systems. Anyone played with it and has advices wether or not it’s a cool thing?

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