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After a month of I would say it’s quite pleasant to work with, can’t say I love it (testing is painfully verbose) but I could see myself working with it for long periods for sure.
Today’s mission was rewriting some node.js to go and I managed to do it painlessly so that’s nice.
Next up convincing the team that is better 😬

Anybody is running *BSD on a T495 yet? Mine is under Void at the moment but a BSD would be better.

I've written an #ncurses-based #gopher client in #rust. Though it's still in alpha, you can give it a try at
Also, feature requests are welcome! See the file for planned features.

Is it spring already? Time really flies! A new season means a new KONPEITO mixtape and I'm really, really happy with how the tape came together. If I may make a recommendation: listen to side B on this one, the ambient noise really elevates the mixtape to ASMR levels of comfy and I'm super excited about how well the two gel as the cafe noise swirls in and out of the tracks.

Point your favorite Gemini client at gemini:// - grab the tape and just space out. Headphones highly recommended! 🎶🐱💕

A couple of quick notes:

Firstly, it was mentioned on the Gemini mailing list that the colors on KONPEITO were made under the assumption that people were using a light-on-dark client/terminal and that's my bad but the aesthetic is important to me so I've kept them but added the option of viewing the index without the colors. I hope that helps anyone that wasn't comfy with the ANSI colors.

And, secondly, if you're trying to access the Gemini space from a proxy but it isn't working, give another proxy or a native client a shot. I'm getting stricter on where I want to see stuff I produce showing up and some proxies were allowing stuff to be indexed by Google and that's not what I want for anything I put together. I mean no offence and I really do appreciate everyone who's putting effort into writing or hosting these services but I gotta keep my piece of the underground underground, I hope you'll understand.

Feedback is always appreciated, hit me up wherever you can find me.

Love y'all! 💖💕

#KONPEITO #Gemini #LoFi #Chill #Mixtape

is punk inherently political

(boosts good to get more accurate poll results)

So, a few days ago I asked for help trying to find a good set of ANSI/ASCII art resources. I put everything I could found in the links section of my website, hope it ends up being usefull for anyone looking the same.

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Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

I'll be interviewed for a podcast on in production tonight, this will be my first time and this is a bit scary to be honest

Are you a lover? How about ? Check out the power of GNU Recutils for your lightweight database needs.

Day 4 of my adventure at work, starting to get it and managed to complete the first steps of my task so that’s cool.
I’m still not having much fun but that’s an okay tool, I can see why it’s considered as a good fit for enterprise stuff

Day 3 of doing at work, getting used to it, might even like it. If only what I'm trying to achieve did not involve crypto...

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