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@ckeen hey I saw your post on how you setup a mailer on OpenBSD, do you still use it? Is that something you would advise?

Now up to adding @solderpunk gitpher [0] to have the gopher side of the project on par with the http one :)


I have SSH, HTTP and Gopher covered for my upcoming machine project. It’s shaping up slowly but surely.
It’s really cool to re-learn the basics with a new OS after all these years doing stuff in the cloud.

Re-installing my server with SMP support time 😅 Forgot to enable smp in qemu which led to not having available for installation (unfortunately I have to use qemu from a rescue disk to install it).
Once you're used to it I find the installation process quite easy.

Ok here I am, my first OpenBSD setup on a bare metal server 🤓 Now I have to read a lot of man pages

@romanzolotarev Hi Roman do you happen to know if Rust and Haskell Stack are well supported on OpenBSD?

I’d like to setup my first server to host some apps.
Is there any known issues having and stack running under OpenBSD?

cat's awesome "how to gophermap" post has been shared on for reference:

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