After a month of I would say it’s quite pleasant to work with, can’t say I love it (testing is painfully verbose) but I could see myself working with it for long periods for sure.
Today’s mission was rewriting some node.js to go and I managed to do it painlessly so that’s nice.
Next up convincing the team that is better 😬

Dipping my toes into serverless stuff with for $WORK, exciting!

Started with two structs GeminiUrl and GopherUrl that know how to fetch data and parse it (implementing Client and Parser traits) but it seems I still have to check whether I’m using one protocol or the other too much and I’d like to check this once ideally...

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Hey fans I have an “architecture” question. I’m making a browser for the protocol. I’m trying to add support. The first step was to duplicate everything but then as you can guess that’s not great.
The starting point point is an URL and depending on the scheme I go one way or the other. The path is the same: get content, parse it, display it to the user.
What would be a great way to architecture this duplication?

Creating a lot of servers these days 🤓 Today after my DNS server I'm trying out kibou a server to see how it compares to

Now that Asuka internals are kinda stabilizing I started adding some long overdue unit tests.
unit testing is clean and easy, a pleasure to use!

I love that when fighting too much with compiler it's just telling me that my design sucks and I'd better think again.

folks any idea on what data structure I should use for a browsing history feature? Like being able to go back and forward. I’m thinking something indexable but also mutable. Any pointer appreciated :)

I’m in love with . If you want to learn it read “The Rust Programming Language” seriously it’s really a great resource!

cargo is much much faster at installing crates since the last time I used it!

Done some and during our Research Wednesdays at work. Impressive how easy it is and how great the tooling is!
This book is a great intro

Fixed my soccer standings page gopher:// and learned that in to access the first element of a Vec you don't do .iter().nth(1) but .iter().nth(0)
Don't know why exactly but nth(1) seemed semantically correct 😁

Ok let’s try to implement a basic stack VM. Should be funnier than reinstalling OSes, just pondering wether I should use or

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