Hey fans I have an “architecture” question. I’m making a browser for the protocol. I’m trying to add support. The first step was to duplicate everything but then as you can guess that’s not great.
The starting point point is an URL and depending on the scheme I go one way or the other. The path is the same: get content, parse it, display it to the user.
What would be a great way to architecture this duplication?

Added a mirror for lobste.rs on typed-hole.org. It's just a port of my mirror for now but I can find some ways to improve it.

Fixed my soccer standings page gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/ju and learned that in to access the first element of a Vec you don't do .iter().nth(1) but .iter().nth(0)
Don't know why exactly but nth(1) seemed semantically correct 😁

Hey people, can I currently write my moles in any language I want?

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