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Upcoming Asuka release will be able to open web/gopher links or any kind of file really (provided a given mime type has an application associated with it on your system).

Notice those beautiful colored links to identify their protocol 😍

Added some basic git repository browsing capability to my space, check it out =>


Added an Asuka browser account on the Typed Hole to test-drive the latest version.


(password asuka) if you want to play with it.

Press 'g' then enter for example.

Added "Secret of the pyramids" to the playable Choose your own adventure games in my space.


Pushed Asuka 0.5.0 which finally passes Conman's torture test (gemini://

Binary release will be updated later as I don't have my Linux machine with me.
By the way would OpenBSD binaries interest some of you?

Added a mirror for on It's just a port of my mirror for now but I can find some ways to improve it. server is back online, so lucky I had some kind of backup! I still had to remake the “Choose your own adventure” game by hand but that was not as bad as expected.

Another Asuka release with Input handling which means you can now send data to Gemini servers that handle it!

You can try it on the typed-hole guestbook gemini://

But more importantly the first game is now available!!!

Check out gemini://

Added history browser to Asuka, makes it easier to navigate between pages

Asuka browser has now some nice highlighted links (and you can click them if you fancy that)

Pollux my server is back online at gemini:// I put it under systemd should work better than in a screen session :)

Updated Asuka, my client with some nice features like following links and vim key bindings 😂

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