Wrote a little something about my band, you might be interested if you dig gemini://typed-hole.org/journal/gonnagetyours.gemini

has a lot of music, that’s so nice 🎶

Moved all my related repos to , the URLs have been updated in gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/software/

The tiniest client

echo gemini://konpeito.media/index-spicy.gmi | openssl s_client -crlf -ign_eof -quiet -connect konpeito.media:1965


Castor browser running on
Had to tweak some values in /etc/login.conf but it works!

Pushed Castor browser 0.7 with client certificate support and some theming abilities git.sr.ht/~julienxx/castor


Castor browser update:
Finally got around having monospace text when in between preformatting toggle lines (```). In this example the ASCII art is monospaced, the rest has a fancy font. Looks pretty.
Also check out gemini://astrobotany.mozz.us/ it looks fantastic!

cc. @gemini

Hey fans I have an “architecture” question. I’m making a browser for the protocol. I’m trying to add support. The first step was to duplicate everything but then as you can guess that’s not great.
The starting point point is an URL and depending on the scheme I go one way or the other. The path is the same: get content, parse it, display it to the user.
What would be a great way to architecture this duplication?

Here is the initial release of Castor, my graphical client:


just in time for Winter solstice festivities!

No binary releases yet, but soon. Feedback much appreciated!

cc. @gemini

Some progress has been made on my graphical client and it has a name now, Castor!

cc. @gemini

Added a post to my flight journal about how I setup my tier 2 DNS server on

portal.mozz.us/?url=gemini%3A% if you don't have a client at hand.

cc. @gemini

Wrote a small post on how to setup a instance on a small Debian VPS.


Hope it can help people like me who want to setup a self-hosted fediverse account without the hassle of a full-fledged Mastodon or Pleroma.

cc. @kensanata

Pushed Asuka 0.7.

On the menu:
- a back button
- bookmarks
- bug fixes and it should be somewhat faster

A nice release overall and a little demo to showcase the improvements

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