“We want money while we wait for communism”

Charging my e-cigarette with a solar powered battery charger like one does

First service is up! Will I end up making a tilde 🤔

Ok here I am, my first OpenBSD setup on a bare metal server 🤓 Now I have to read a lot of man pages

Got myself a new Intellimouse, so far a great mouse

Love to see little notes on thrift books. Also this one is older than me 😬

I don't know where I'm going with my Mastodon client but it's sure looking good in plain-text

Received some more food for thought today. Can’t wait to find some time to dig into it!

Playing with Haiku R1/beta and browsing gopher with WebPositive, this is really a lovely OS!

Forget about the burrito analogies, I found someone who can explain monads and it’s about massage it seems

Hmm mpv and youtube may ruin my productivity😁

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