Making a mastodon instance around , should be fun!

I might move my account there too and maybe change my fedi identity but no sure yet.

@julienxx I heaps want to do Plan9 sometime. Brain is otherwise engaged, but it looks faboo,

@Shufei hopefully I can soon give you an account on my ~ to play with it :)

@julienxx Oh, that would be fab, ta. I’d like to get a basic sense of it, so if you’re opening a Pubnine, count me in.

@julienxx One time I found a small forked-to-continue-maintanance server oriented plan 9 distrib and a small community around it, only to lose it afterwards. The site was so bare bones no wonder search engines can't find it for me again. (which is a bad thing for once)

@julienxx yeah it was probably 9front or something very similar. Thanks!

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