Just gauging the interest, if I were to create a /#9front tilde would you be interested to join?
If yes, what you expect to be able do on it?

@julienxx mostly i'd want to learn how to use it, probably do some gopher browsing. explore writing, reading, mail, finger.

@julienxx I wonder how much of it rests on a GUI? Perhaps my problem is that the only longer article I’ve read about Plan 9 involved the ACME editor.

@kensanata yes you would need to open a remote graphical connection, this wouldn’t be a traditional ssh/sftp access. That’s how I access it currently and it works quite nicely


Would be nice actually, I have yet to see a good plan9/9front community :)


@selea @julienxx @joacim The best non-Bell Labs center of mass I’ve seen, historically, was, but they gave up when some hardware died. I’ve got a (smaller, languishing) one at, but I’ve suspended new account creation until I can get some flakiness issues sorted out. I’ll let 9fans know when it’s back healthy.

drawterm access, the plan9 utilities, that's it really
rio access would be interesting but idk how that would work

@ensa rio access works, I can already connect with 2 users with their rio env of their own. The only question would be how much users can a small instance sustain :)

@julienxx @sigrid I would not personally, but it would be interesting to find a collection of interested people. I would be more interested in a mastodon acme client.

@julienxx I'd join so that I could get to know plan9 better

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