@sigrid sorry to bother you with that but I tried adding the plumbing rule but it seems I can't make it work. Is there something not mentioned in the README that I should do? I did copy the plumbing to /mnt/plumb/rules, I can see it in /mnt/plumb but trying to plumb gemini://... does nothing.

@julienxx "cp $user/lib/plumbing /mnt/plumb/rules" is the only thing not mentioned and that should be enough for it to work. Can you try doing a "kill gemnine|rc; cat /mnt/plumb/gemini" and plumb a url, to make sure it shows up in the cat's output?

@sigrid does nothing but I can't see anything in /mnt/plumb anymore, sorry I'm a total beginner

@julienxx ohhh I made a typo. "$home/lib/plumbing", not with $user, sorry :)
Can you repeat the same thing? And also do a "webpaste < $home/lib/plumbing" and post the url, I wanna double check.

@julienxx rules look ok.
If plumber is already running it's "mount /srv/plumb* /mnt/plumb", but it's supposed to mount itself already. Maybe it's not executed before rio in $home/lib/profile, you might want to check that.

@sigrid it was that and plumbing into gemnine works! Thanks a lot!

@julienxx awesome! you might want to update gemnine, I made lots of fixes, and added info to the readme on how to get a separate window with url history for easier plumbing ;)

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