@julienxx I found something funny. I discovered you began to code your Gemini client named "Castor" on the 26th November 2019 (at least, it is what I saw on SourceHut), and I began to code my Gopher client named "Marmotte" on the 11th November 2019.

Just in a few days two projects linked with Gopher/Gemini came up with French names, haha!

#Gemini #Gopher

@julienxx And what is also funny, is that two days ago I was thinking if I should develop a Gemini client, and that I could name it "Castor" to have some kind of link with "Marmotte".

I forgot your Gemini client was already named "Castor".

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@KillianKemps haha incredible! I named it Castor because my server implementation was named Pollux so they formed a good pair. I love french words for project names, at least they're not already taken :)

@julienxx Haha that's funny!
Yes I prefer French names too for projects, it show its French quality behind 😀

@KillianKemps @julienxx

Non-Europeans might only recognize Castor and Pollux as names of characters in the Hollywood movie, "Faceoff"!

@wyatwerp @KillianKemps I instinctively thought stars and constellations were somewhat the same in every cultures but not at all in fact! That’s awesome, more potential names for Gemini tools!

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