@julienxx 10 years?! Already?! That's not true...that's *impossible*!

@solderpunk just curious, do you have strong opinions on systemd?

@julienxx @solderpunk I wondered why I've never fully understood systemd, and that was a good article to help me understand myself 🙂

My opinion on systemd is that as a user, I don't care what the machine is doing underneath me. As a sysadmin, I care deeply enough to make sure the OS itself becomes irrelevant to me. Either it can run containers under the control of a separate management infrastructure or it can't. End of interest.

@julienxx Hmm...strong, yes, but I don't hold them with conviction because I know I'm not adequately informed enough for that. :) My strong instinctive dislike for it has always been tempered by the fact that Arch Linux, which I generally have a lot of respect for, were quite quick to adopt it and their devs dismissed a lot of the objections as without real merit.

The recent Zaibatsu upgrade to Debian 10, which is further systemd based than what we were running previously, is finally dragging me to a place where I have to understand it better. Well, that and writing a Gemini server with other people want to be able to able to run.

I have started reading the article you linked, it seems really, really good. I might reply further when I've finished it all.

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