Castor browser update:
Finally got around having monospace text when in between preformatting toggle lines (```). In this example the ASCII art is monospaced, the rest has a fancy font. Looks pretty.
Also check out gemini:// it looks fantastic!

cc. @gemini

@julienxx @gemini Aaa it's looking good! I really need to figure out how to compile it on Windows

@68km thanks! Wish I could help but I don't have a windows VM and I really don't know how to compile stuff under it :/
Basically it needs Rust, GTK and OpenSSL. Perhaps under WSL it could work?

@julienxx I had trouble getting a Rust environment a few months ago, IIRC there's two main ways to set one up and I tried the "better yet more complicated" way and didn't have the energy to try again

I'll see if I can do it in the WSL instead, that's a good idea.

@68km let me know if it works, would be valuable info to add the README!

@julienxx hmm, I may be getting castor confused with the graphical gopher client someone's working on, there's some project out there in the small internet that used custom library packages from the author you had to install as well, I could never get the dependencies met on that thing.

This should be simple! I'll make sure to keep notes if anything weird happens

@solderpunk @gemini nice! I'm currently trying to add certificate support to Castor to be able to create mine :)

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