Any good resources to recommend for "modern" C programming?

@julienxx Only the first few pages and something distracted me, but I immediately remembered about it when I saw your question🙂

@julienxx Hmm...I'm sure somebody at the Zaibatsu phlogged about this 6 months ago or so...but I have a feeling it might have been kvothe, in which case the post is gone. :(

@julienxx @epilys +1 for that post. those are all good books to look into.

Writing "modern C" doesn't exist in the way writing "modern C++" exists. The language + standard C library hasn't really changed much in past few decades. (That's a feature, by the way.) The newer bits are things like the C11, but I've never needed anything there.

Most of the newer/changing aspects of C are either below the C layer (compilers, architecture, libc implementations, etc), or the kinds of tools you use to write/test C code (debuggers, linters, build systems, etc). We as a species also seem to always be inventing new and creative ways to shoot ourselves in the foot with C, and there is a certain kind of wisdom that comes with that.

@paul @epilys thanks! Guess I can happily re-read K&R and try to find my way from here :)

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