NsCDE is so pretty! I just need a nice battery monitor if you know some that would look nice

@julienxx You just reminded me about this. I was going to post something about this but got distracted with life stuffs. Thanks for sharing! 👍

@claudiom I really like it, got a bit tired of tiling WM so I’m exploring alternatives :)

I've got and OLD HP Apollo workstation that has the original CDE in it. This just gave me major flashback to it. Very cool!

Well I fire it up from time to time, but I haven't had time to really getting it working on a newer LAN. It only has an AUI interface and I'm aware there are adaptors out there but honestly I haven't made the time. I'll tell you that it sure does feel really quality especially considering the timeframe it came out. Also I think it would be a competitive workstation if all you needed was email and shell access to things (read no web browser)

Well and I guess I'd need to figure out how to port a modern version of openssh.. The days of telnet and rsh are long gone.

@julienxx oh, Castor's looking good! I ought to get it to compile on something

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