Trying out NsCDE it's really nice, I love that CDE look and feel

@solderpunk yes it's really well done with a lot of color palettes to choose from, I quite like it so far. Between WindowMaker and this my heart is torn, difficult choice...

@julienxx I have used tiling WMs exclusively for over a decade now (i3 nowadays, but others before that - my gateway drug was the now defunct ion). My memories of the Before Times are fuzzy, but I was definitely a big Window Maker fan for a few years in the early 00s, seeing you mention it in toots recently brought back happy memories. :) I think perhaps before I discovered ion I was using Fluxbox, or Openbox, or something in that family.

@solderpunk @julienxx Ooooh, Window Maker brings back good memories. And fvwm2 before that. But nowadays I use i3 as well.

@julienxx I used to dream about having enough RAM to be able to run Enlightenment, too, back when it had that "brushed metal" theme: :) But I was mostly using 32MB 486 or 686 machines back then, so I ran the lightest WMs I could find.

@solderpunk I was a lot into this BlueSteel theme this was so futuristic back in the days for me! I also remember compiling KDE < 1.0 and it took like days not really knowing what I was doing. Good times :)

@julienxx Something is wrong, though, neither of us posted screenshots with a heavily-skinned XMMS running, so we have not truly captured the feel of life in those times!

Here we go, this is perfect, it also has an ICQ client and the useless graphs of resource usage:

@julienxx Maybe I should set aside some time to install some retro WMs on my little OpenBSD eeePC, just for fun. :)

@julienxx There are definitely worse things you could spend your time on!

@julienxx Atom feed of daily WM nostalgia screenshots? ;)

@epilys really stable, I mean it's basically the old and battle tested fvwm with all the bells and whistles needed to look like CDE already setup for you

@julienxx @epilys Are you aware of (shipping actual CDE sources) and NextSpace ( which is a make-GNUstep-more-openstep project?
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