Bored and looking at a cursor blinking your terminal? I added some things to finger 🖐️

- to get my latest phlog entry following @cat example

- to get stories because why not

@julienxx @cat @solderpunk We need some sort of central directory of these finger offerings, does one exist already?

@zlg @solderpunk @Luke @julienxx Maybe a "standardized" directory@ or similar finger response that can then be scraped regularly by whoever needs a directory or wants to build one to share?

@cat @zlg @Luke @julienxx I think we brave new fingernauts need some kind of RFC process to "standardise" this kind of thing. Maybe that new mailing list server could be put to use for this?

@solderpunk @cat @zlg @Luke I added a directory when you finger the domain with some conventions like user.phlog user.feed
maybe that could help with discovery

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