@julienxx @tomasino @solderpunk Whaaaaat! I just realized that #finger uses exactly the same format as #gopher! So now... if I hook up my gopher server to port 79... uhhm...
finger alex@alexschroeder.ch
finger About@alexschroeder.ch
finger Contact@alexschroeder.ch
Ahhhh... the Zen of the old Internet!

@julienxx Well, for the moment it's also as confused as old Gopher by UTF-8. 😭
@tomasino @solderpunk

@kensanata I use "feed | iconv -f utf-8 -t ascii//translit", it seems to do the trick for my toots feed
@tomasino @solderpunk

@julienxx For the moment that doesn't seem to work. Apparently this is not a simple problem. And I can't really change the output on the server side because it works for VF-1:
vf1 alexschroeder.ch/0do/journal
finger do/journal@alexschroeder.ch
@tomasino @solderpunk

@julienxx @kensanata @tomasino Oh man, how did I not notice that? I read the finger RFC and everything. This is super cool, hope you can sort out the UTF-8 thing.

@solderpunk how does one “add Tor” support to VF-1? We really should just do that, too.
But yeah, fingers://alex@alexschroeder.ch should be a thing! 😂@julienxx @tomasino

@solderpunk we should put that info somewhere in the README or on the TLS help. Or perhaps we can detect onion addresses and start it ourselves? @julienxx @tomasino

@solderpunk “3.3. Client security: It is expected that there will normally be some client program that the user runs to query the initial RUIP. By default, this program SHOULD filter any unprintable data, leaving only printable 7-bit characters (ASCII 32 through ASCII 126), tabs (ASCII 9), and CRLFs.”
- tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1288
(from a comment left by Adam Sjøgren on my blog)
@julienxx @tomasino

@kensanata Yeah, I never really got past the "create an account"-stage here.

The RFC is quite lighthearted.

@asjo I just started reading it. Haha, the section about vending machines!

@rdh small tool I wrote in rust that gets some toots, efingerd makes the call when you finger it :)

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