I’m looking for a good book, I only read the Neuromancer. Any advices?

@julienxx Avoid non-fiction, they will be just a slice of life nowadays.

@julienxx s/non-fiction/fiction/
I say this because all the fiction novels based on cyberpunk are getting rot and almost retro.
If any, some MUD dystopias are cool to play and experiment with. But, read? Heck, Snow Crash is now cheesy and not futuristic by any means.

@anthk oh okay I was kinda looking for that retro bit but if it’s more cheesy than anything maybe I’ll pass.

@julienxx Well, read Snow Crash if you want, but nowadays it's so-so. From Stephenson, the essay on the Command Line is far better, as it was made in 1999.

@anthk the command line looks pretty cool, I’ll have a look. Thanks!

@julienxx "In The Beginning there was the command line" or something like that. Most of tropes are outdated by Mac OSX, paradoxically ;)

@anthk @julienxx All of that may be true, but the biggest disappointment I've felt while playing games like Dark Souls is that not once did I get to have an online swordfight with a guy named "Hiro Protagonist".

Not even once, dammit. It's not like we don't have the technology.

@anthk @julienxx You're right, but I don't think this has to kill the enjoyment per se. Just because we're further with some technologies, it's still *alternate*.

I'd say the Shockwave Rider is still pretty good. Also the first few of the Shadowrun novels.

@wink @anthk ah yes I have read some of the Shadowrun novels back in the days when I was playing it, there was some good ones

@julienxx Snowcrash by Neil Stevenson is one of the classics.

@julienxx Noir by K.W. Jeter.
One of my all time favourite books.

@julienxx Funnily enough there is a series of cyberpunk romance novels written by J.D. Robb known as the "In Death" series. I've only read the first (it's meh), but apparently it gets better as it goes on. A lot of my friends really like them.

@julienxx Hardwired, by Walter Jon Williams (1986). I haven't read the sequels. (Probably will if I can pick them up at a library.)

Out on Blue Six, by Ian McDonald (1989).

Schismatrix, by Bruce Sterling (1985). You might want to get Schismatrix Plus, which was printed much more recently.

@julienxx given the proliferation of digital assistants we're seeing these days, this passage from "Twenty Evocations," which is part of Schismatrix/Schismatrix Plus, has stuck with me:

Nikolai grew impatient. "Look," he said. "What makes you think a mere expert system has any objective worth?"

"I know it does," the young man said. "I'm one myself."

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