laptop advice: do not order a HiDPI laptop unless you have a 4K external monitor, multiple resolutions is a painful (aka still not solved) situation if you want an external monitor.

@julienxx I wish I had seen this before buying mine! 😩 Which model do you own?

@bokay I have last year’s 13” Dell XPS, great laptop but I should have ordered the standard resolution one. HiDPI is really not well handled coming from a Mac. It’s pretty nice except for some old gtk2 apps though unless you want to plug a basic external monitor.

@julienxx I hear you!
I just bought a thinkpad x1c6 and went with i3wm as DE (where were you all my life tiling DE?!) and HiDPI has to be set up in so many different ways. I have kept Gnome though and it feels much better handled. But I have yet to try to setup external monitors in a non-mirror mode.

@julienxx HiDPI was a complete mess on Fedora last time I used it. High resolution displays have been available for so long, and it’s such a user visible problem. I can’t understand why it isn’t fixed.

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