Implemented my link aggregator for gopher idea. Port 70 News is now live.


Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

I'll be interviewed for a podcast on in production tonight, this will be my first time and this is a bit scary to be honest

Are you a lover? How about ? Check out the power of GNU Recutils for your lightweight database needs.

Day 4 of my adventure at work, starting to get it and managed to complete the first steps of my task so that’s cool.
I’m still not having much fun but that’s an okay tool, I can see why it’s considered as a good fit for enterprise stuff

Day 3 of doing at work, getting used to it, might even like it. If only what I'm trying to achieve did not involve crypto...

Wrote some today at work, not a pleasant experience...

ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch

Dipping my toes into serverless stuff with for $WORK, exciting!

Today is my first wedding anniversary. Happy birthday to us!

Done some tweaking on the RPoD Gopher=>HTTP Proxy. It handles most item types including images and binary files. If you use it and find a bug please notify me via the contact info at ```finger``` The source code will be posted to RPoD soon in the PROJECTS section, and is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. There was a blurb in gopherspace a while back that made me realize this proxy is my light saber...

It is reachable at:

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