Bonjour tout le monde !

📢 🔴 URGENT 🔴

Un logiciel génial est en train de mourir, parce que son développeur n'a plus le temps de s'en occuper.

C'est une alternative à Adobe AfterEffect : Natron (

Mastodon, il nous faut trouver un développeur C++, qui veuille bien le maintenir ? ou chercher une entreprise qui travaille avec des logiciels libres ? C'est très important.

Boost très apprécié

Merci d'avance pour votre contribution !

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Ok, you! You and you! Plant a tree this month! Thanks! Now go to 4 friends and tell them the same. That should escalate quickly.

Making my first baby steps with /bin/ed
This is fun!

Whenever I hear "We need more programmers! Make more young people interested in programming! Teach programming at kindergarten!" I always get the urge to ask "What did you do with the old ones you had?"

Where are all those programmers you hired 5-20 years ago? Why is no programmer at your company older than 40? Why do you have *senior* software engineers that are 25 years old? What did you do to all those people?

If you can't take care of your employees, no wonder you never have enough.

The human manure is hitting the oscillating rotator at work.

💩 ➡️ 😠

If anyone needs an experienced Linux/BSD sysadmin with knowledge of AWS + Azure, security and architecture, Python scripting, DM me.

I'll open the (ewww) LinkedIn floodgates soon enough, but 🐘 gets first dib!

It’s my first OpenBSD upgrade ever, I can’t believe how easy and smooth it is

I had been working on a folk album for some time. I have released it.

Filbuth - Holographic Metempsychosis

Recorded live primitively, at Natanas Studios in Wyoming, with acoustic instruments (analog drums, 12 & 6 string guitar, alto & tenor recorder, irish whistle, picolo, pan pipes, acordian, hurdy gurdy, regular & chomatic harmonica, acoustic bass, mbira, glockenspiel), except the keyboards on track three. Inspired by the changing seasons and a dose of Hermetics.

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It looks like the further I get into my career the only viable technologies are the proven ones from before I was born.
Nothing can beat UNIX, SQL and C.
Kinda depressing but cool at the same time or am I just getting old?

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