Little reminder friends I’ve moved to my own instance here => @glenda

Little reminder friends I’ve moved to my own instance here => @glenda

@SDF hello I attempted an account migration yesterday and seems stuck, is there anything you can do about it?

Hmm two hours after I started the account migration I still miss like 400 people. Well... hope we meet again 🤗

I'm moving to my own fedi instance because why not? You should receive a new follow request from @glenda if everything goes well 🤞

Making a mastodon instance around , should be fun!

I might move my account there too and maybe change my fedi identity but no sure yet.

@freedcreative @Shufei @vidak As a fellow herder of Emacsen, might I suggest checking out the Emacs ytel package combined with your OS' youtube-dl and mpv packages? This provides a clean, text-forward interface for searching and watching videos through the Invidious APIs. `M-x ytel` opens a buffer that lets you type a search query for YouTube. Matching videos are displayed in a table of results that you can then click to download and play locally.

@paper did that gemini:// :)

Thinking of having a dog, would be my first one. Any races I should consider that could be happy in a flat? I'm attracted to bulldogs but I would consider any kind.

My home server is losing its connection everyday at the exact same time, at least that’s what my IRC bouncer tells me. I wonder where it could come from, never had the issue in my old flat. Maybe this new cable box USB port is at fault?

Thanks to xq, I made a really stupid thing to serve a single text/gemini file as an ad-hoc server.

Visit here for explanation and code:

Getting to know C tooling making a finger client. Fun stuff!

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