ok i wrote another update on the state of Reform, i guess the last one before campaign launch mntre.com/media/reform_md/2020

Dipping my toes into serverless stuff with for $WORK, exciting!

Today is my first wedding anniversary. Happy birthday to us!

Done some tweaking on the RPoD Gopher=>HTTP Proxy. It handles most item types including images and binary files. If you use it and find a bug please notify me via the contact info at ```finger redacted@1436.ninja``` The source code will be posted to RPoD soon in the PROJECTS section, and is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. There was a blurb in gopherspace a while back that made me realize this proxy is my light saber...

It is reachable at:

Pushed a new Castor release (0.4.0) git.sr.ht/~julienxx/castor with an icon, a Makefile to ease the installation process and URL mime handlers set which means that clicking a gemini://, gopher:// or finger:// URL in your browser should open Castor.

Anobody here know a good online (in Europe would be perfect) source for hot peppers seeds? I'm looking to experiment growing some Habaneros, Arbol and Carolina Reapers.

>One day (...) I stumbled upon a beautiful tutorial on git rebase[0]

"Beautiful" :blobpats:

[0] git-rebase.io

via this blog post I finally got around to reading: nullbuffer.com/2019/11/18/sour

Performance testing HTTP/1.1 vs HTTP/2 vs HTTP/2 + Server Push for REST APIs evertpot.com/h2-parallelism/

@kensanata Hey Alex, I'm trying to add gopher support to my gemini browser but I have issues with your gopherhole. When I'm trying to open an article I get:

3Error ('%2f02019-12-20_Earth_Blood'): Invalid Page /02019-12-20_Earth_Blood alexschroeder.ch 70
in response for example.

Do you have an idea on what I'm doing wrong by any chance?

I've been building a Facebook Events style event organizing system for the Fediverse. It's based on the simple, open source, privacy-respecting event organizing tool gath.io

The attached video is a work-in-progress preview and shows compatibility with Mastodon. My hope is to get it working with lots of software, including stuff like Friendica that supports events and calendars.

Check out more at my Patreon: patreon.com/posts/organizing-o

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