Has anyone some feedback on modern/object Pascal like lazarus-ide.org/ ?
I have fond memories of working with Delphi.

“Computer Science - A guide for the perplexed” A good talk by Joe Armstrong m.youtube.com/watch?v=rmueBVrL

So happy being home, weird to say coming back from holidays but I missed ya dear flat 😍

Because that Linus story has too much upvotes for an i8

Great video on how to fit a NES game in 40kb youtube.com/watch?v=ZWQ0591PAx should help me with my pico8 experiments

"Reader mode" is touted as a feature that web browsers gain support for, right alongside new CSS properties and faster JavaScript interpreters.

But it just shows how much of a failure web as a platform is in delivering an actually readable content and enojoyable experience — so much that browsers have to rip the content off the web pages and show it in their own clean & usable interface. Talk about web being the future.

Fixed my soccer standings page gopher://sdf.org:70/1/users/ju and learned that in to access the first element of a Vec you don't do .iter().nth(1) but .iter().nth(0)
Don't know why exactly but nth(1) seemed semantically correct 😁

"If you had to recommend someone play 5 games to really get a feel for you/your tastes, what five would you pick?"
- Lands of Lore
- Civilization (the first one)
- Zelda Link to the Past
- Day of the tentacle
- Rainbow Island
Those were the first 5 that came to mind

Let’s say I’d like to learn how to build an X11 or Wayland window manager from scratch, where should I start? Any books or tutorials to recommend?

Forget about the burrito analogies, I found someone who can explain monads and it’s about massage it seems

Upgraded all of my Apple devices (iMac, iPad and iPhone) to the latest public beta. Everything runs pretty well so far.

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