Looking for a C64 to buy -- I'm working on making Twitch Plays a C64 -- A Bot will send it keyboard inputs and allow the twitch chat to type in commands to the C64 (with a relay to powercycle when it locks) -- If anyone has a C64 willing to sell or loan, let me know!

Started testing Steam Play and VR Games, so far haven't found one yet that hasn't worked on linux -- I'm running Arch Linux, and a NV1060 with a HTV Vive

No hacks, no settings to get any of it working... it just worked right out of the box with every game I've thrown at it

I wonder what Microsoft and the data they gather from windows are going to do with

Beat Saber - The best VR Game to get a sweat worked up 💦

man mastodon.social is overloaded, if anyone is still on there, come on over to mastodon.sdf.org :)




pawoo.net/media/yCiyOZBfRsmqjY pawoo.net/media/raqbG_Kn9TmGfV pawoo.net/media/7-lOPZwvMjhw8_ pawoo.net/media/ACeDszpUeyQhw0

DSS 26 receiving data from Opportunity at 300b/s.

Hey world, I'm Scott, an historian of science and digital humanist at Carnegie Mellon University. This is my third attempt to actually use Mastodon, so we'll see how it goes!

Linux on Switch status: got Arch Linux booting, but no network (even after reboot). Will debug it later. Point is: it works!

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