Looking for a C64 to buy -- I'm working on making Twitch Plays a C64 -- A Bot will send it keyboard inputs and allow the twitch chat to type in commands to the C64 (with a relay to powercycle when it locks) -- If anyone has a C64 willing to sell or loan, let me know!

Started testing Steam Play and VR Games, so far haven't found one yet that hasn't worked on linux -- I'm running Arch Linux, and a NV1060 with a HTV Vive

No hacks, no settings to get any of it working... it just worked right out of the box with every game I've thrown at it

I wonder what Microsoft and the data they gather from windows are going to do with

Beat Saber - The best VR Game to get a sweat worked up 💦

man mastodon.social is overloaded, if anyone is still on there, come on over to mastodon.sdf.org :)

Linux on Switch status: got Arch Linux booting, but no network (even after reboot). Will debug it later. Point is: it works!

How to "Flash" your rPi 3B+ without a SD Card Reader

1) NetBoot OpenWrt
2) Mount a USB Stick
3) Download Image
4) DD that image to the SD Card
5) Done!

So I'm looking to make some code for a rPi to test any strong public wifi and auto connect to it and VPN outbound, if connection drops it tries another AP

I'm thinking on hosting a public instance on my Wifi Hat for Defcon this year -- wonder if I could setup a connection to the con wifi and have it all federated

@hackaday Would you like to learn more about my Wifi Hacking Hat?

Im hosting a CTF for this years BSideRoc, Anyone is welcome to play! ctf.bsidesroc.com/

@smj I'm working on a CTF, and wanted to break out a dial-in BBS, Wanted to know if I could borrow a modem bank :) would only need about 3-4 lines for it

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