OpenBSD - Day 6

Reading the manual.

This will take a while.

OpenBSD - Day 5.

No visible progress today.


OpenBSD - Day 4

Today I will add a browser.

What was unfamiliar yesterday makes perfect sense today.

OpenBSD is not impenetrable after all.

The manual is quite precise.

Installed OpenBSD 7 today twice. Will try again after reading up on all these completely unfamiliar terms.

Saw the sun and the moon today. Not so sombre and gray as it was yesterday.

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Software was a mistake, computers have gone too far, like and boost to help end computers

Only 634,444,444 seconds since 9/11 ...

$600 million is a lot of money.

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Sunny yesterday, but today we begin a set of 4 cold rainy days.

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