Neighbor was having a sunny birthday party. The sky grew dark and it started to rain. We went home. It poured and poured.

The next time July 13 will be on a Wednesday will be in 2033.

Where in nature is the temperature Kelvin 0, or is that only a theoretical value?

There will be a full moon on Sunday October 14 2046. Get ready.

We expect a dawn west wind to pick up at a rapidly increasing rate. If you are awake at that time, hide behind a big rock at once.

Engine 8868 is passing by. Most people around here are unaware.

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Mowed the lawn again, this time with the power mower. I can see why they invented them.

Dug out my old high school French textbook. Re-reading the stories and vocabularies. Remembering most of it.

Mowed the lawn for the first time this summer. Used the hand mower. Functional.

Lesson nine: verbs. I was wondering when verbs would show up.

Dandelion roots bring calcium to the surface. When acid levels in the soil are optimized, they disappear.

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