Single again, what do single people do in 2020?

just got a thinkpad keyboard with a trackpoint for when I plug into the dock. I'm getting better at the trackpoint and I can definitely see the benefit of using it for certain things, no need to move my hand off the keyboard to use a mouse.

Well this is certainly a take:

"Russia isn’t imperialist and the claim they are shows an inadequate understanding of imperialism."

Literally just read "Rojava is an imperialist project in occupied Northern Syria" on this slack, wtf are these people drinking?

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I'm an anarchist/libertarian socialist. I joined a "Big tent leftist" org only to realize that the majority of people there think China is cool and Syria/Assad aren't so bad.

"Trump’s betrayal of Rojava shows the symbiotic relationship between far-right nationalist tyrants like Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Jihadist groups like ISIS. It also drives home that we cannot depend on any state, party, or military to maintain peace—we have to get organized on a horizontal basis."

I'm drunk and watching youtube videos about vim send help

If I ever announce I'm building a retro gaming setup with an RPi know I have been kidnapped and that is your clue I need help.

I'm thinking of replacing my router with an next, with a ubiquity access point for wifi, because why the hell not.

have I really watched 102 episodes of Black Clover? What the hell is wrong with me?

Salaried work is such a scam. I’m salary when I work 10-12 hour days but if I cut out early one day you’d better bet my PTO is getting deducted.

"The greatest peril we face is that Trump’s government will be replaced by a centrist government that will continue most of the current administration’s policies without violating any rules or norms. The more Trump’s regime is described as exceptional, the easier it will be for the next administration to get away with the same activities."

The numbers were sad considering it was the capital of the second largest state in the US.

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