So the US Supreme Court has begun the process of brining the United States back to the 1900s. This leaked draft decision is the blueprint for that very purpose.

Expect them to kill Obergfell, Lawrance, Grswald, and even Loving next. This is only the beginning and sadly, I can't see any fight back because the US and states are just too gerrymandered and corrupt to do so.



And it's likely going to get even worse if/when the GOP takes Congress this November.

And oh, don't forget about this national abortion ban blueprint that they're going about out loud should they take full power by 2025 if you haven't known already.

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And you think that blue states are going to step up?

Think again. These challenges over not only abortion but LGBTQIA+ rights (especially trans rights) are likely going to lead to a Dred Scott 2.0 SCOTUS decision. Brynn Tannehill explains it here.


Like I always said, I'm planning on voting Dem in all levels in the next three years and you should do the same to at least limit the damage or at most save our republic/democracy. Because right now our way of life is hanging by a thread.

It's the least I and many others can do although be prepared for the worst case scenario and have contingency plans in the ready if come 2025 such dark scenario comes. You may need them one day.


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