A reminder that if you have Amazon hardware, you will be automatically be enrolled in Sidewalk which shares your internet connection with neighbors unless you opt out (which they don't make it easy to do).

Or better yet, stop using their hardware. Period.

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@meena It may be a GDPR liability to me and I'm sure it will be challenged especially putting it on without consent of the user.

@joeo10 i hope it gets challenged before it gets rolled out

@joeo10 Honestly in principal this sounds like a good idea. A great big wifi mesh net that uses a small amount of donated bandwidth to provide free connectivity. I think there might even be decent case to be made for a opt out default. Mostly that people that dont care support the mesh by default. Honesty the two biggest objeections I have are security for the host wifi and amazon harvesting data/profiting off this system.

@SwindlerOfInsanity It's also a security and privacy risk as it is basically bypassing the password WiFi of your ISP plus it can violate your ISP's terms of service depending on provider. I know the big ISPs won't like this and it would deem as a ToS violation in their view. Comcast for example has a similar system and I'm sure they'll put the hammer down on this.

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