"The ISS features four different vertical antennas on the spacecraft. The reason for four antennas is redundancy in case of an antenna failure. They are made of flexible metal tape that are coated in Kapton, a polyimide film that can withstand extreme temperatures. The antennas are designed to withstand kick loads of 125 lbs."

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@joeo10 Oh, thanks for the head’s up! Last I checked ARISS was down...

@Shufei They were just testing to be sure everything is going well so it seems as they did do which I'm glad.

@joeo10 Do you know if they are ever going to do that store and forward thing with it? Message drop for astronauts and others? I heard about that somewhere.

@Shufei They're working on it as I have heard but nothing definitive as of yet in terms of completion.

@joeo10 oh finally. The Kenwood's been undergoing certification for years.

@dokuja Yep, glad they did get ti going after various challenges to get it approved and certified.

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