Hot take: hot takes are just another Mastodon meme

Mastodon memes are kinda shit

Oh, hot take, btw

I should get me a profile pic that better reflects my blatant shitposting

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An entire counter in my kitchen covered in Amazon dash buttons. I take a deep breath and begin playing the buttons like an organ, but they are all for ordering furbies.

My driving instructor told me he was rather pleased with my driving today. At least that's what I think he said. Hard to tell, I was half asleep at the wheel. Must be the relaxed style of driving he's going for

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good hackers listen to techno and make their own tools. great hackers listen to tool and make their own techno.

In a rather unexpected Turn Of Events I voluntarily ended up spending an hour making bulgur salad. What's even more unexpected is that it actually tasted quite good. What's even more unexpected is that I made more than enough of it so I can take some of it to work tomorrow

Listening to music I made five years ago, cringing. It's a pleasant kind of cringe, tho.

Made carbonara which was tasty as hell
Also vowing to never make carbonara again because that shit's DANGEROUS, MAN

Wait no I got more

How the fuck have we collected so much garbage

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tfw no gf (gyear of the linux desktopf)

Yes I put them in my eyes, what are you talking about

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I can still taste the eye drops I took this morning

I get to ride a car again tomorrow. Not entirely sure whether or not I'm supposed to be happy about that

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