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pun, uspol, really terrible 

45 and to a lesser extent the entire Republican party are indictment of the whole damned US justice system, soup to nazis

@sydneyfalk "They said the breadsticks were endless. I demand to see your perpetual motion device immediately!"

me: what kind of parts can you source? do you have a catalog

them: ma'am, this is an olive garden. you need to leave

richard stallman's initials are RMS. why has nobody started the hashtag

(remove stallman... it was right in the initials the whole time)

i have the best wife ever, she let me get tonkotsu for dinner tonight <3

are they called 'bollards' because that's where it's likely to hit you if you accidentally walk into one?

mh +/- 

So You Decided To Apologize About It: A Handy Guide to Apologizing For Everything, Everywhere, All The Time, Even When You Don't Need To

venting about superglue, i say a dirty word 

there's got to be a better way to package small batches of cyanoacrylate (superglue).

i don't usually need much at once so those four packs of those little metal tubes are great.

but... i don't know why i keep buying those, because i _know_ it's just going to ooze out of the tip even if it's not being squeezed for as long as the cap is off, like some kind of adhesive precum that will stick you to it _instantly_

🎵 don't go petting service dogs
please stick to the kittens and the puppers you're used to 🎵

The Scotty Margin: what engineers add so that other, less cautious engineers do not exceed limits as often

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