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pun, uspol, really terrible 

@sydneyfalk "They said the breadsticks were endless. I demand to see your perpetual motion device immediately!"

me: what kind of parts can you source? do you have a catalog

them: ma'am, this is an olive garden. you need to leave

"ok, I'm gonna get up in 15 minutes and get ready so I can get to my office on time-ish"

30 minutes later

"ooops uhhhh guess i should get up now..."

richard stallman's initials are RMS. why has nobody started the hashtag

(remove stallman... it was right in the initials the whole time)

What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

i have the best wife ever, she let me get tonkotsu for dinner tonight <3

are they called 'bollards' because that's where it's likely to hit you if you accidentally walk into one?

mh +/- 

venting about superglue, i say a dirty word 

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