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It's that time again! Pause for a moment and just breathe.

therapist: anime eyes velma isn't real, she can't hurt you
me: oh thank god
anime eyes velma:

@sublingual My wife and I just showed each other this toot at the same time. two out of two dogs agree having two dogs is better than one

@Jo this must be some strange use of the word fun of which i wasn't previously aware

James Bond in 

James Bond in 

Tired. Have the next week off. May sleep all of it.

fucking canonical. seriously, i hate computers i'm gonna go pet the dog

@wxcafe were you having this applet problem with Supermicro's IPMIView or just the web applet from the BMC? IPMIView makes managing supermicro via console _much_ simpler imo because it comes with a java that works


> for some reason

> java applet

i _suspect_ these two things might be related, sadly. :\

sour nerds: bits o shit you will get stuck in your teeth wrapped in a sour candy shell

@galaxis oh how I wish I could take that to my local home improvement store who could make me paint that color, it's all retro and orange and it makes me want a computer case that color

uspol shitpost 


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