While you're on lockdown, why not also lockdown your Linux laptop with safeboot? It adds UEFI SecureBoot + Yubikey hardware platform keys + Signed kernel/initrd + TPM sealed disk encryption + SIP-like root filesystem protection to Ubuntu 20.04. safeboot.dev/


when an eel bites your thigh
and the pain makes you cry
that's a moray

the uh,

technical term for what you've got there is


Which is worse?


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bread is just wrought flour forged in an oven


the baker is the blacksmith's friend

sea creatures will often greet each other socially through sounds; for instance, whelks will call out to approaching friendly whelks with a... (WORST PUN EVER, I'M SO SORRY YALL) 



I have noticed an increase in birds now that everyone is inside. It makes me feel like I should own a pair of binoculars again so I can see them up close.

Tired: Antidepressants that come with feelies, a la Infocom.

Wired: Antidepressants _are_ feelies for your brain.

Blaming a pandemic on bats is something The Joker would do

pretty sure the con crud i got back at the end of january was covid

why are people hoarding toilet paper? do we need to hold a seminar on how to wipe your ass without using a whole roll per sortie?

saw the big red blood donation bus set up in a parking lot recently...

too bad they won't take my blood. something about the glitter clogging the line.

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