I have noticed an increase in birds now that everyone is inside. It makes me feel like I should own a pair of binoculars again so I can see them up close.


incorrect answer. correct answer: teach crows to bring you stuff. if one ever brings you a cellphone, you have officially hit the big time. take the sim out and yeehaw


there's no humans to ignore the "don't feed the birds" signs, so the birds are eating anywhere they goddamned please now. they're not getting shooed away. fewer worms and grubs are filled with pesticides.

removing humans from most of nature is healing it, I fear. and kinda hope.

maybe our species needs "off years" where we just stop hassling all the fucking biology around us constantly? dunno. just know earth has a fever now

@sydneyfalk @jkl
It seems clear by this point that one of the primary responses to our current environmental challenges must be reducing the amount of land area appropriated to human use.
Unfortunately, many of the most heavily promoted "green" measures go directly against this.

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