Have you checked out Nextdoor yet? It’s a large neighborhood community forum. nextdoor.com/!UKZTAE

Aside from Webtoon, what iOS apps rock for reading FREE webtoons? Your thoughts please.

Social media services are essentially public platforms. If you want to send a truly private message, use a secure messaging service like @Signalapp.

If you do elect to use social media, don't be surprised when this happens: bbc.com/news/technology-469188

@JPEG I think the default behavior should be refresh when changing tabs (eg feed to local or feed to mentions). Right now I have to manually refresh.

You did it!

European Internet users in key countries have been asking their governments to push back against #Article13 and #Article11 (copyright filters and the snippet tax).

Those countries just voted down the proposed text in the European Council.

Looks like @SDF 's rss reader is down: Exception while creating PDO object:SQLSTATE[08006] [7] could not connect to server: Connection refused
Is the server running on host "ol.sdf.org" ( and accepting
TCP/IP connections on port 5432?

Deactivated my Facebook account today. Trial run to see what services I can't get into because I had FB Login enabled.

If you value your #privacy do not talk to people face-to-face. They will store the following data (and possibly more) without asking for #consent:
- biometric data of your face
- biometric data of your voice
- visible ailments from measles to missing limbs
- body mods (piercings, etc.)
- your mood
- your position
- the time and date of your meeting
- your social circle (friends, enemies) without their consent
- no option to opt out or delete data

This is clearly in violation of #GDPR.

Just deleted my twitter account in favour of Mastodon. One less thing to worry about. 😎

@JPEG anyway to turn notifications on for mentions? Mastodon emails me but it would be nice to see it in the app. My in app notifications are turn on.

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